Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is a condition where the pathogen acquires the ability to surmount an antibiotic by gene mutation and becomes a super bug. The overuse of antibiotics and premature renunciation of prescription has led to the profusion of antibiotic resistance. WHO has recognized this as a global issue and several antimicrobial drugs have been rendered powerless as the micro-organisms transform into aggressive strains. Diseases like tuberculosis and malaria are increasingly becoming difficult to treat because of the increase in the number of hostile strains. Self-medication and non-compliance to prescription are major drivers of antimicrobial resistance which can be curtailed by education. Patients often self-medicate with inadequately dosed or counterfeit drugs. Some patients suspend drug intake without completing the full course as soon as they start feeling better before the pathogen has been completely expelled from their body. This creates a conducive environment for the pathogens to adapt and thrive in their body. Thwarting antibiotic resistance requires a global initiative to stop antibiotic abuse and create awareness among the public regarding prescription compliance and abstaining from self-medication.


sakthi said...

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