Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sugary Foods

Sugar Crystals Health ImpactSugar that is present in foods is of two types - natural sugar and added sugar. Natural sugar present in fruits and dairy products is useful for the body while added sugar found in confectionery, soft drinks, bakery products, etc just supply energy to our body and do not contribute any nutrients for our health. Sugary foods play a major role in dental decay. If strict oral hygiene is not followed sugary foods can cause tooth decay. It is better to consume sugary foods during mealtimes so that it reduces the risk of tooth decay. Sugary foods increase the risk of obesity. Sugary drinks have been identified as a risk factor for obesity. A recent study revealed that high fructose intake in the form of added sugars raises the risk of high blood pressure. Sugar is also believed to have a suppressing effect on the immune system.


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