Monday, November 23, 2009

Fast eating vs slow eating

Snail Slow Food Health Benefits Weight LossPeople who sit in front of their television sets watching their favorite programs while eating and take years to complete a plate of food have reasons to celebrate. Slow eating is actually good for the planet and the waistline. People who snarf their food are prone to overeating because rapid consumption inhibits the release of a couple of important gut hormones namely peptide YY and glucagon-like peptide which are responsible for signaling fulfillment to the brain. As a result the fast eaters don't experience the satiety feeling and continue to eat more than what their body needs. People who ate slowly had higher levels of these two hormones and they knew exactly when to halt eating. Scientists believe that the slow eaters who ate mindfully enjoyed the taste of the food than the others and weighed less than those who ate mindlessly. People who eat slowly took more time to chew their food and this lead to better digestion. The slow eaters had little stress while eating while the tedious eaters ate faster in response to anxiety or depression. The link between speed eating, overeating and obesity has been explained by these observations.


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