Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Healing Power Meditation Singing Bowl
The Himalayas is considered as a mysterious mountain range replete with mystical myths in a spiritual fervor. Tibet is the origin of several religious practices and it is home to a slew of unique antique articles. Most of these items are aimed at offering peace to human life and sustaining religious harmony. In an attempt to unravel the treasures of Tibet and spread the vision of peace to the world, Silver Sky Imports have made the hard work in connecting people like us to these rare objects of beauty and goodwill. Crystal Singing Bowls are considered an ideal companion during our daily meditations. The intricate markings carved on the surface of the bowls are authentic symbols of beauty and art. The Crystal Singing Bowls featured in the Yoga Magazine which portrayed the importance of singing bowls in promoting brain composure and enhancing the quality of our meditation. The singing bowls are known for their remarkable healing powers and relaxation potential. Apart from the singing bowls, the Tibetan Gongs are useful in refining our mind and driving away the negative spirits. Tibetan TingSha chimes widely used in Buddhism are available at affordable prices at Silver Sky Imports. The sound from the singing bowls and the gong can infuse into your body and relieve you from mental stress and anxiety.


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