Saturday, September 26, 2009

E.coli and bloody diarrhea

O157:H7 Escherichia coliEscherichia coli is a common bacterium that thrives in the intestine of humans and animals. A notorious strain of E.coli called O157:H7 is responsible for bloody stools and diarrhoea. There are several ways by which you can catch this infection. The bacterium spreads through food and water easily. Consuming contaminated meat and milk, drinking water from a tainted source, physical contact with infected individuals, etc are responsible for E.coli infection. Bloody diarrhea accompanied by stomach ache, nausea and cramps are the usual symptoms. The symptoms usually persist for 2-5 days and then diminish without the need for any medications. Loss of blood from body can lead to dehydration and so drinking water often is the only way to endure the condition. Bloody or tarry stools might also be due to injuries or disorders in the GI tract which is more serious then E.coli infection.


Lisa said...

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