Wednesday, September 30, 2009

America's Preferred People Search Engine

Life is an eventful journey and we would have met an infinite number of people along the way. But there are only a few people that stay in our memory whom we would like to meet again. In olden days it was almost impossible to keep track of our lost friends. Today the advent of the internet has given us an opportunity to find our old mates. If googling out your friend's name doesn't help, you can definitely find him at MyLife. MyLife.com is the brand new people search engine where you can find your school mates and lost friends instantly. I had a close friend in my school life for whom I have been hunting for over the past few years. But the moment I landed at Mylife.com and searched for his name, we were reunited. Now that I have found my favorite friend, I tried to search for my lost love. During my school days I had a small crush on a girl but I never spoke to her during school life. She joined a different college and disappeared from my life. Last week I found her at MyLife and it was the happiest moment in my life. At last I broke the silence and pinged her MyLife profile. She retorted and acknowledged my friendship. Now we share a special bond filled with golden memories thanks to MyLife.


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