Monday, August 23, 2010

Biogas - Need of the hour

The demand for energy will never subside and there is an overwhelming need to tap each and every source of energy albeit the amount of energy that can be obtained from it. Biogas is a type of biofuel that is economical as well as eco-friendly and also considered a renewable form of energy. Apart from being an energy source, biogas also serves as a tool for waste management. Biogas can be used effectively in rural areas where livestock wastes, agricultural wastes and domestic wastes can be directed to a biogas plant and biogas generated can be used for cooking in the household. This will cut down on LPG bills and needs only an initial investment on the biogas plant which can be setup in each and every home. The residue expelled by the biogas plant called as slurry serves as a valuable compost to nourish agricultural lands. This type of a system is already in place in the form of gobar gas across several rural areas in Asia. Many developed countries are also trying to extract electricity out of biogas with the help of advanced technologies. They say "Little drops make a mighty ocean" and if we wish to meet our escalating need for energy successfully, then biogas is a plausible option that must be adopted rigorously.


Master said...

bio-gas is a new breakthrough to overcome the scarcity of fuel oil, cheap and harmless. great article my friend and look forward to other articles.

Annie said...

nice info

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