Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get rid of underarm odour

Underarm odor is caused by perspiration produced by the apocrine glands in the skin of our armpit. While body sweat is odorless the stale smell emanating from the armpit is a result of the bacterial action in that area. The underarms present a favorable environment for the bacteria to thrive and act on the sweat releasing foul smelling chemicals resulting in body odour. Body odour can be a hindrance in work environments and public places apart from being a personal nuisance. An interesting theory behind body odour links underarm odor with the diet we eat. Body odor is also prevalent among the obese and the diabetic.

Banishing body odor involves sticking to the basic routines of cleanliness and personal hygiene. Don't forget to take bath everyday and keep your underarms clean by rinsing with water and soap. Disinfect your armpits with baking soda or vinegar before going for any deodorants. Avoid using deodorants if possible. Shave off the hair in your underarms to prevent the profusion of bacteria in that region. Pay attention to the type of clothing you wear especially during summer. Natural fabrics like cotton are considered the best for hot climate. Drinking plenty of water and consuming fruits and green vegetables rich in chlorophyll brings down body odor. Controlling the intake of garlic, chilies, pepper and red meat will also contribute towards diminishing underarm odor.


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