Friday, February 27, 2009

Ahmedabad adventures

Last month I visited Ahmedabad in Gujarat and there are some nice places to visit nearby. Although Gandhi Nagar is the capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is the well known industrial city in the state. Ahmedabad is a textile power house and exports them all over the world. Anyone passing through this region should visit Akshardham temple. With its dazzling beauty and glittering lights the temple is a glorious place to visit. I also visited the famous Iscon mall which is a world standard shopping complex. Reliance Mart in Iscon mall is one of the best places to buy things you can take back home. Very near to the mall is the Iscon mandir and spiritual persons can receive blessings from god by visiting the temple. The other notable place I visited was Lal Darwaza. The streets here are full of shops and with some bargaining tactics you can get some really good items for affordable prices. You can also visit a place called Sector 21 that has a good vegetable market and several small shops to please your taste buds. I had time to visit only these places and on my way back I was pleased to know that Ahmedabad also has a beautiful airport that is not so busy but it is really cool.


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