Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zinc Pills/Syrup to subjugate Diarrhea

Zinc Supplements Diarrhea Instant Relief
Diarrhea has long been an underrated disease because it barely impacts the livelihood of the rich and the famous. But the fact that diarrhea is a killer disease that sucks the lives of millions of children across Asia and Africa is often undermined by the more hyped about diseases like malaria and AIDS. Diarrhea is a deadly epidemic during the rainy season in these continents and the fragile infants fall prey to this notorious disease due to lack of awareness and proper medication. The traditional oral rehydration therapy (ORT) which has been a potent weapon against diarrhea was either oblivious to the affected families or snubbed for its delay in action. Zinc is a magical mineral that has proved to be effective in taming diarrhea successfully in recent times. Diarrhea is a disease that causes severe dehydration by rapid loss of fluids from the body. The rehydration salts help in slowing down the exit of fluids and are extremely effective in replacing fluids and nutrients. Zinc is an essential ingredient in about 300 enzymes within our body and zinc supplements bolster immunity and stifle the progress of diarrhea. Zinc combined with ORS can be a formidable combination to annihilate diarrhea. The WHO distributes zinc supplements in the form of tablets/syrup to the diarrhea-stricken villages in Asia and Africa that is delivering promising results.


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