Friday, February 27, 2009

Men can cry

People say that real men don't cry but it might soon become a hackneyed myth of the past. Crying should not be considered unmanly and doctors advise that crying is a normal human reaction and it is actually good for health. Whenever you are bound by emotions and feel like crying just let the tears gush out and dispel all the bad memories out in to the air. If you are good enough to prolong the outburst and want to cry in solitude just do it. A better way would be to find a soothing shoulder to cry on and get some solace. Some people might want to cry but just can't do it because of an internal conflict. In that case watch a sad movie or listen to a sad song to stimulate your lachrymal glands. Just imagine crying to be the instinctive release mechanism of our body. Post crying you may feel stronger and your thoughts might get more clarity. Make sure while crying that you don't lose your dignity. Crying happens..!


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